The Silm Fandom Drama Bullshit Thing

If you're here because of wank regarding Spiced Wine and her clique in Silmarillion fandom, let me save you some time, here is all the everything in one place.

Be aware this is like arson murder and jaywalking; if you don't have energy to read everything on that list, read Part One, Part Two and Part Four, and then maybe also the 2024 Update so you understand how this has impacted me long-term.

These are the only statements I care to make publicly about the situation with my former friends and collaborators. This is extremely difficult to talk about and I prefer to focus my attention on other things. Nonetheless, I felt like something needed to be said. If you think I'm being "mean", I have the right to defend myself against a smear campaign from an abuser and her clique which has been going on since 2020 - this is not your run-of-the-mill "nobody cares" fandom drama, this is a Big Name Fan who has been name-dropped in Slate magazine, and where another Big Name Fan [AnnEllspethRaven] is basically using her world-record-holding fanfic as PR for Spiced. I have to watch my back wherever I go, I cannot participate in fandom like a normal fan, because of this shit.

Please note that I do not use social media apart from Dreamwidth, and I do not use Discord. My Dreamwidth and my website are the only places where I have addressed this subject. Also, most of my blocks in Silmarillion fandom are directly because of this; I have good reasons to not trust their friends and not want to interact with them.

December 2023 update: since I am converting to Judaism and I know this is going to come up if I don't say it, this is not lashon hara - there is a difference between saying something mean-but-true for the sake of gossip, and defending oneself against abuse. Also, here's a public statement about why I changed my username in December 2023, which is somewhat connected to the shituation.

January 2024 update: since this shit has started yet again, let me make this abundantly clear - the bullying and harassment may have backed me into a corner where I limit my interactions with others, but I am NOT removing these posts; the longer this has gone on, the more I feel it is necessary for people to know what's really going on here. If Spiced and her supporters ever someday apologize and issue retractions, my willingness to accept and acknowledge that apology [after 5+ years of bullying trauma] will be contingent on evidence of behavioral changes, and since I am not the first person Spiced has bullied and driven out of the fandom, I don't trust that she wouldn't pull this with someone else. Additionally, I find it to be disgustingly hypocritical in the extreme that certain people now have "no spitefic, no parody" in their transformative works policy considering this and also, everything I've said in Part Four.

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