Original Works

Part of the Flameborn Multiverse

These are works that are part of my multiverse, where my OCs are the Finwioni reborn as humans; these are counted as original fiction because the reincarnation theme does not appear on-screen.

While some of these are in the same continuity/universe as other fics, everything here can also be read as a standalone; familiarity with other works of mine is not required.


All of these works contain sexually explicit content. If this offends your sensibilities or you are under the age of majority in your country, go away.

One-Shot PWP

Standalones. All explicit sex, with some kink.

Five fics that are connected but can be read as standalones. All have explicit sex and are Anthony/Sören, cis-on-trans [cis Anthony, trans Sören], no penetration, lots of kink. Written from July-September 2022.

Not Multiverse-Adjacent

Original works that have nothing to do with my multiverse.

Two works that go together. The first is autobiographical, the second is not.

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