Other Tolkien Fic

Here are stories spanning canon era to post-canon modern era. Works are grouped by universe or as a collection of standalones. By "universe" I mean that the works are set in the same continuity/timeline/world and while reading every single work is probably not necessary for context [since I tend to briefly reference things that happened previously if it's important] and some works set in universes can also be read as standalones, they do go together to tell one very long story across multiple arcs.

Standalones are each their own self-contained universe and it is not necessary to read other works of mine to understand what's going on. In the case of my canon-era standalone fic, the fics might sometimes be very loosely connected but still not dependent on each other.

Note that to preserve what's left of my sanity with archival, Seeds Of Fire and Finwion Smut link to PDFs of my work hosted off-site.


Northern Lights

Learning To Fly

Under The Rose

Seeds Of Fire

A Place Called Home

Standalone Series

Keeping Up With The FĂ«anorions

Finwion Smut

Miscellaneous Tolkien Fics

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