[January 2024]

My canon-era fic [and references to canon-era in post-canon fic] involves adult incest between non-humans. My modern-era/post-canon fic involves age-gap relationships between consenting adults who met as adults. I do not condone or support incest IRL and I usually do not think relationships involving large age differences are a good idea IRL; fiction is not reality. There are complicated reasons for why I write what I write, and I would encourage you to read the character sheets for Fëanor and my OC Sören before making assumptions.

Having said that, I also feel it is a moot point to make any kind of disclaimers about what I do or don't support considering I largely do not interact with fandom and keep to myself - even if this changes in the future where I might resume occasionally adding people on Dreamwidth, I am not likely to add a lot of people because I'm an introvert with social anxiety.

I also believe that the era of fandom where we are now required to constantly make disclaimers about our content is Bad, Actually. It used to be that back in the 00s people understood if you wrote certain kinks, or you wrote darkfic, it was not reflective on you as a person and stuff you were into IRL. The trend towards Purity Policing a hobby of writing fiction is disturbing considering how censorship tends to lead towards silencing or harassing marginalized groups.

[May 2024]

Some of the fic/art on this site contains cannabis references; I was a heavy cannabis user from 2016 through May 2024. I stopped using cannabis in May 2024. I am not retconning my fic or deleting art to remove these references - 1. it is a part of my history and I don't feel like sweeping stuff under the rug, 2. just because I ended up with a dependency doesn't mean everyone will/does. However, if references to this are triggering or unsafe for you, please be aware you may stumble across the occasional weed-related thing here from before my decision to get sober. Take care of yourself.

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