Transformative Works Statement

[revised and updated December 2023]

Important: if you see a work on A03 that mentions/uses one or more of my OCs and/or links to one of my multiverse fics as an "inspired by" that is not a translation, and the work in question is not authored by one of the following people I've given permission to, assume that I do not consent to it and it is not part of my multiverse's canon.

You may NOT borrow my OCs, write "remixes" or otherwise play in the Flameborn multiverse sandbox unless you are Detergent, SemperViridis, or CogitatingKerfuffle. As far as an explanation of why, it's because sharing verses and OCs has led to too much drama in the past, so I'm not into collaborating with new people and entangling my worldbuilding with others, anymore. Thanks for understanding.

I used to allow podfic and translations, but in April 2023 I decided "no" on podfic because my autistic sensory issues have been exacerbated by whatever long COVID did to my brain, so unfortunately I no longer consent to podfic, because I can't listen to it. As of December 2023 I have also decided against non-English translations as that leaves a window of opportunity for bad faith actors.

Sharing Policy

[June 2021]

[January 2024]

Additionally, I do not want my work "reviewed" on sites like GoodReads, YouTube, TikTok, etc.

Thank you.

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