Intro To The Squad: Tl;dr Edition

Anthony Hewlett-Johnson - Lawful Good | Paladin
A snarky sometimes-jerk with a heart of gold, Anthony is driven to leave the world better than he found it, somehow, which usually causes him to go into professions where he fights for others [law], mentors [education], or heals [veterinarian]; sometimes he entertains as well as promoting awareness and raising funds for charitable causes [celebrity chef, figure skater]. A lover of cake, swans, books, peaceful gardens and trees, Anthony is British, though in many universes he often relocates to the United States as a teenager or adult for varying reasons. Usually written in his thirties or forties. Aquarius.

Macalaurë Fëanorion - Chaotic Neutral | Bard
Tears unnumbered he has shed, wandering the world for Ages, forever alone. A multi-instrumentalist musical prodigy who hides in plain sight among humans, glamoured, usually [not always] going by some version of Mark or Marcus. He's finally reunited with some of his reincarnated kin and faces the dilemma of staying to watch their eventual mortal decline or fleeing before the heartbreak of inevitable loss; in general, I try to give him a more hopeful future than canon. Old as fuck. Probably a Pisces.

Nicholas Decaux - Neutral Good | Cleric
Usually written in his fifties or sixties as a boomer or Gen X, but he's very liberal and tries to be generous to the less fortunate, while he still has his gaps of understanding. Often an academic, sometimes a former priest. Bookish and pedantic, reserved and somewhat formal, Nicholas nonetheless has a softer "daddy" side that he shows his boys. And don't let his age or the stodgy exterior fool you, he is all animalistic passion between the sheets. Franch**. Sagittarius [Capricorn cusp].

**but written as Nicolae Dooku, of Romanian ancestry, in earlier fics.

Sören Sigurðsson - Chaotic Good | Rogue

Nicholas: As you know, you're a barbarian, my dear.
Sören: Bar bar bar. Bar bar bar bar.
Nicholas: 😒

A spirit of fire that the greatest darkness cannot extinguish, Sören has been through a lot across multiple universes but still finds beauty in the world and tries to express that through artistic pathways. He's a bit of a wild-hearted but sad clown, bratting is his love language, and he's a soft, sensitive boy who nonetheless can put the fear of G-d in you if you hurt what he loves. Usually written in his twenties or thirties. Icelander; distantly related to Björk as well as Sigrit. Sagittarius [Scorpio cusp].

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