Miscellaneous Fanart

Will be updated as I have time/energy. If a link is broken, that page is under maintenance.

As a general heads up, some [but not all] of the images on the sections below have been made with AI. If you have a problem with that, read this.

Elves Of Color

Scions Of Eternity

The House Of Finwë

The Squad [non-AI]

The Squad [AI]

The Squad: Seasonal/Holiday Art [AI]

The Squad In Drag

🎵🎶 Everybody Trans Now! 🎶🎵

Detergent's OCs

Miscellaneous OCs


Art for To The East And To The West

Finwioni Amanaro [Finwions of Yule]

"Sören's Paintings"

The Memory Of Trees

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