Content Warnings Policy [AO3-specific]

Are you someone who's wanted to give my fic a try, but you see I use "Creator Chose Not To Use Archive Warnings" on the overwhelming majority of my fic on AO3 and you're not sure? Well, this post is for you!

I was diagnosed with PTSD in 2002, and it is precisely because of my lived experience with PTSD and having interacted with other folx with PTSD both in clinical and social settings that I know trauma affects different people differently. In general, it's not on-screen rape/non-con or graphic descriptions of violence that will trigger me in a work of fiction or a show/movie. I was able to watch Game of Thrones in its entirety without getting triggered [squicked yes, still eternally assmad about s8 yes, triggered no - there is a difference IMO]. I can watch Halloween slasher movies with lots of blood and gore no problem. Movies with someone wearing a fat suit played up for lulz? Can't fucking deal. Stuff involving eating disorders, mental illness, and/or autism is usually handled badly enough by Hollywood that I give it a pass. I could go on and on but you get the picture.

The very, very few times I have written on-screen rape or graphic violence, I do tend to use the Rape/Non-Con or Graphic Violence warnings. But there's a lot of grey area that the blanket warnings don't cover.

Example: my OC Sören frequently has a history of being raped/abused across the multiverse. As a rule, I don't usually write this on-screen, and I don't feel that a non-graphic-detail referenced-past incident warrants the Rape/Non-Con archive warning, which should be used for "it is happening on-screen/there is graphic detail" - I have used Past Rape/Non-Con [or Implied/Referenced] in the Additional Tags depending on how much it informs the narrative. Having said that, dealing with the aftermath of trauma can sometimes be more difficult for survivors to read about than the actual on-screen abuse [I could not finish reading A Little Life for that exact reason, though none of my work is anywhere near as hopeless/sad as A Little Life].

I have written difficult subjects like internalized ableism, dysphoria, self-harm, and in-universe transphobia, none of which gets covered by the blanket tags but where "No Archive Warnings Apply" also feels disingenuous as fuck, so that goes in the Additional Tags or the author's note at the beginning of a chapter where shit comes up [and, when possible, what to CTRL+F around if you want to read the chapter but skip what I think is possibly going to trigger someone].

Tl;dr my "Chose Not To Use Archive Warnings" is so you'll pay closer attention to the additional tags to get a feel of what's going on - just because a fic might not have on-screen rape or violence doesn't mean it will be "safe" for you.

Finally, it should be noted that if there is a character or plot point that I feel will be too much of a spoiler to list in the tags, I don't. I understand this may be a dealbreaker for some people. I should also point out I've only done this a few times [and if it involves whump, the fic is at least additional-tagged with Whump or something else where you know it's going to be whump] and it's not something you have to worry about with the overwhelming majority of my fics. You do not, as a rule, have to worry about surprise!rape that isn't warned for in my fic.

I am not going to trigger warn for stuff like food, and do not agree with stuff like trigger warning Jane Austen.

With regards to the content on my site, I am not going to put trigger warnings on everything because it is much more complicated to do here than it is on AO3 and I don't have spoons for that. If you think that anything I've mentioned above [fictional accounts of dysphoria, transphobia, etc] is going to trigger you, it is probably not safe for you to read the fic on my site unless it's one-shot PWP.

Hope that helps.

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